Marble/ Tile/ Wood Cutter Specification Comparison

This page contains the complete list of Marble Cutter machines in India. Generally Marble Cutters can also be used on Wood. The fact is, 80% of Carpenters prefer ‘Tile Cutter’ itself for Woodworking than a professional ‘Circular Saw’. The main reason is its cost. Most of the professional circular saws have Bevel Cutting option. But only few of the Marble Cutters have this feature. The table also mentions whether the machine selected has 45° cutting facility or not. This table can be sorted according to the specifications like Power, RPM, Brand etc.

Key Points:
1. All Cutter machines listed below operate at 220 Volts AC and are all corded.
2. Generally cutting capacity for any 4 inch Machine is about 32mm and for 5 inch Machine, about 40mm. While at 45°, capacity is reduced.
3. Some Tile Cutters have a water inlet nozzle mounted to its guard where the user can connect water pipe to provide cooling for the blade while operating on Tiles and Marble. While other tile cutters don’t have this facility and user has to manually supply the water. Even in such machines, modification can be done externally to support water cooling. Makita Tile Cutters has a separate mounting system for water cooling.

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4" 110mmiBELLMC10-30105013000No
5" 125mmiBELLMC25-84130013000Yes
4" 110mmBoschGDC120120012000No
5" 125mmBoschGDC121125012000No
6" 150mmBoschGDC15515508600No
4" 110mmPlanet PowerEC4 120012000No
4" 110mmPlanet PowerEC4A130011000No
4" 110mmPlanet PowerEC4R13508500No
5" 125mmPlanet PowerEC5136012000No
6" 150mmPlanet PowerEC613507300No
5" 125mmStanleySTSP125132013500No
4" 110mmAimexDT-400 SA
4" 110mmAimexDT-400 SB
5" 125mmAimexDT-405
4" 110mmJKJKEC4105012000No
5" 125mmJKJKEC5 125013800Yes
4" 110mmEibenstockETC 110125012500No
5" 125mmEibenstockETC-125 E1125012500Yes
4" 110mmAegonAC4110012000No
4" 110mmAegonAC4B130012000No
4" 110mmXtra PowerXPT 411124013000Yes
4" 110mmXtra PowerXPT 412110013000No
4" 110mmXtra PowerXPT 413120013000No
5" 125mmXtra PowerXPT 414130013000No
6" 150mmXtra PowerXPT 415142011000No
7" 180mmXtra PowerXPT 41615205000Yes
5" 125mmXtra PowerXPT 417168013000Yes
5" 125mmXtra PowerXPT 419180011500Yes
4" 110mmDewaltDW862127013500No
4" 110mmMakitaM0401B120013800No
4" 110mmMakitaM4100B120013000No
5" 125mmMakitaM4101B125012000No
4" 110mmHikokiCM4ST 130013000No
4" 110mmHikokiCM4SB2132011500No
4" 110mmCumiCTC 110105012000No
4" 110mmCumiCTC 4-12125012500No
5" 125mmCumiCTC 125 SG135012000No
5" 125mmCumiCTC 125 BT135012000Yes
6" 150mmCumiCTC 15010507500No
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