Twist Drill Types

A Guide To Drill Bits

All types of Drill Bits including HSS, Titanium Coated, Cobalt Bits, Black Oxide, Hole Saws, SDS+ and SDS Max, Spade, Forstner Bits are discussed.

Angle Grinder Attachments

Angle Grinder Attachments in 2020

Here we include all the Angle Grinder Attachments and Accessories. While most of the accessories are available for 4 inch Angle Grinders only.

Electrolysis Rust Removal

Electrolysis Rust Removal Explained

This guide is a complete solution for Removing Rust using Electrolysis. Selecting Power Source, Electrolyte, Amps, Volts, and Materials made easy.

Angle Grinder Disc Types

Angle Grinder Disc Types (Metalworking)

Both the grinding and flap discs can execute the same job. For the same amount of metal removal, 1 grinding disc equals 5 or more flap discs. Angle Grinder Disc

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