Best Socket Sets in India 2022

No matter how many Spanners you own, you always find yourself in need of a decent Socket Set Box. Since they are operated on Ratchet and T-handle, they make the job lot easier. Using a Box Type Spanner over Ring Spanner has more advantages. While fastening the Bolt/Nut, the Head never slips out. This preserves the Bolt Head. You can apply more Torque compared to Basic Spanners. Generally speaking, If you own a Socket Box, You have fulfilled 90% of your Garage Tool Requirements.

Socket Sets arrive in different sizes. The Smallest and Cheapest ones are 1/4″. Next size would be 3/8″, and the recommended size for DIY use is 1/2″. There are some recommendations I would like to make before starting this list.

1/4″ Socket Size is entry-level. If your job involves basic works, other than working on Automobiles, you can go with this. If you already own a vehicle and planning to buy Socket Set for Automobile use, please forget 1/4″ and 3/8″ and consider buying only 1/2 inch Size itself. Smaller ones cannot withstand the Torque you apply to Wheel Nut/ Lug Nut. Also, if you are working on an Engine, you need 1/2″ itself. Below is the List of our Picks for the Best Socket Sets in India. For a detailed guide, read, Socket Set Buying Guide

This page will be regularly updated according to the market changes.

Generic 1/4″ 46 Piece Socket Set

The Cheapest All-in-One 1/4″ Socket Set you can find in India. Generally, a Generic product, this type of 46 piece kit is available from different brands. The quality is reasonable for the price. Not Premium, Not Bad. Overall value for money.

If you are looking for an All-in-One Tool Kit, this is it. This kit also includes Screwdriver Bits of Philips, Slotted Type, and Pozidrive Type.

This Socket Set includes 1/4″ Ratchet, 2 Extension Rods, and a Flexible Extension Rod, Universal Joint Coupler, T-Handle, Allen Keys + Torx Bits, PH, and PZ Bits along with Sockets Ranging from 4mm to 14mm.

If you plan to buy Sockets and Screwdriver bits separately, it would cost you more money. This 46 pc Kit includes both, along with Allen and Torx keys.

Taparia S1/4H

The entry-level premium 1/4″ socket set in India. Compared to the above-mentioned Socket Set, the Taparia S1/4H has better build quality. Box contents are not the same as the cheaper 1/4″ socket sets.

This Socket Set includes 1 Ratchet, 2 Extension Rods, Sockets from 4mm to 14mm, 1 Universal Joint Coupler, 1 Flexible Handle (Not the Spring Type), 1 T-Handle along with some standard Torx Bits, T20, T25, T30, and T40. Overall value for money product considering Price with Quality.

AmazonBasics 40 Piece Socket Set

If you own a Bicycle, a Standard Model, or an Imported one, you may already know that the Nut and Bolt sizes may not be Metric and can be inch type (Imperial). In this case, you may need Inch classified tools, which are generally hard to find in India. In India, it is standardized to use Metric measurements. Metric bolts which are worn out sometimes need inch sockets to get a tight fit.

This Amazon Branded 40 piece tool kit works on both sides. This means it has both types of sockets. Metric and inch type. The build quality is premium. The price is also very reasonable.

This Socket Set includes one 3/8 Ratchet, 1 small Extension Rod, 1 screwdriver with some Philips+Slotted bits, and 29 sockets in a total of which 16 are metric ( 4mm to 17mm) and 13 are inch ones ( 5/32″ to 11/16″). Overall Value for Money. The below video is in Hindi

Stanley STMT82672 1/4″ Socket Set

If you want to buy something premium that will last for years, you need to look at the Stanley’s 1/4″ Set. This Socket Set has almost everything that helps you to complete small DIY and household tasks.

The Stanley STMT82672 Socket Set includes 1 Ratchet, 1 Small Extension Rod, Basic Hex Bits, Torx Bits, Slotted with Pozidrive Bits, and Sockets ranging from 4mm to 14mm.

If you plan to buy Sockets and Screwdriver bits separately, it would cost you more money. This Stanley Kit includes both, overall making it value for money.

Stanley STMT72795 1/2″ Socket Set

The one-stop solution for your Motorcycle repair needs, including Engine, works for all types of vehicles, the Stanley STMT72795 is the one to go for. This socket set has superior build quality. This is the only Socket Set that includes the 16mm Spark Plug Socket (long one).

This kit includes a Ratchet, 2 Extension Rods, 1 T-Handle, 1 16mm long socket, 1 Universal Joint Socket, and Sockets ranging from 10mm to 32mm. Overall a good choice and an alternative to the Taparia 1/2″ Set.

Taparia S14MXL 1/2″ Socket Set

Taparia has been in the Indian market for decades and so does their products once bought in, last decades. The build quality is just superior. The Ratchet is designed for heavy-duty purposes. Comes with a compact metal carry case.

This Kit includes a Ratchet, 2 Extension Rods, 1 T-Handle, 1 Universal Joint Socket, and Sockets ranging from 8mm to 32mm. The product will last a lifetime if maintained well.

Just to remind you, the Sockets in this Kit are 12 sided and not 6 sided. There is a similar model with 6 sided sockets sold as S14HXL. If you want to know which one is right for you, please read this article on Socket Set Buying Guide.

Taparia S23M/S23H 1/2″ Socket Set

If your budget is low but wants to buy a 1/2″ Socket Set, have a look at the Taparia Branded Set without a Ratchet. Most of the DIY use sockets are included. Any extra sockets if needed can be bought later from the local market, including the Ratchet.

The sockets included here have 6 sides, which means they are Hexagonal. Has the same build quality as the previous model, Taparia S14MXL.

Induro 12 Piece Socket Set

If you are just looking for a Ratchet Spanner and some basic Socket Sizes, this might be the one for you.

The Induro 12 Piece Set has a good build quality. It includes 1 Ratchet, 1 small Extension Rod, and 10 Sockets ranging from 10mm to 24mm.

This doesn’t arrive in a box but you will receive this kit with a wall hanger to keep it organized.

JK Super Drive SD7800525

Comes from a brand, JK Tools and Files, firmly established in India for decades. The JK SD7800525 is a 6 Point Socket Set. There is one more model with 12 Point Socket Set sold as SD7800526.

The quality is just great. The price is also reasonable. Both of these Socket Sets include a Ratchet, 2 Extension Rods, 1 Universal Joint, 1 Sliding T Bar, 1 Spark Plug Socket, and 20 Sockets ranging from 8mm to 32mm. Overall a good choice to buy.

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