Best Rotary Hammer Drills in India 2022

Every job needs a specific tool. It is very much true when it comes to drilling concrete. The fact is, even if a cheaper drill has hammer mode, it is not the same as a real Rotary Hammer Drill. Both these machines are different. They work on different principles. Hammer drill works on Ratchet type mechanism and Rotary Hammer works on Piston mechanism. Here we have listed only Rotary Hammer Drills. The reason is, none of the low-cost hammer drills be able to pass through hard rocks like basalt. Because the drill bits are of steel tip and not carbide. Steel tip bits get blunt when drilling hard stones. The below list contains the most Value For Money Rotary Hammer Drills in India.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE


This was one of the first drills that were introduced by Bosch many years ago. Most of the other drills that we discuss here resemble a true copy of this Bosch GBH 2-26. The only drawback of this machine is its price. It is quite on the expensive side. Well, if you are a professional, you may consider this. Or else, for a DIYer cheaper option may be the best. There are 3 variants of this machine. Variant E rotates clockwise only. Variant RE rotates both sides. Both the E and RE versions don’t have ‘Hammer Only’ mode. The variant which has all the 3 modes is the Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE. Overall this machine has a strong build quality and may suit only professional users.

Aegon AHD263

For those who are looking for a Best Reliable Machine for DIY and professional use, I would recommend Aegon AHD263. Basically, the design is similar to the Bosch GBH2-26. All the 26mm hammer machines sold under the 3500rs price range are all copies of the Bosch GBH2-26 DRE with very minor modifications. Quality is reasonable for the price. All the spare parts are locally available including its stator and field coils. For a review of such a Hammer Drill, kindly visit this Youtube Link. Alternatives in this price range include 26mm hammer drills from Aimex, Turtle, Buildskill, Josch, Zebra, Foster, Cheston, iBell.

Foster FHD 2-26 DRE

The Foster FHD model is one of the cheapest machines that can carry out the job of expensive drills. This machine arrives with a carry case and some basic SDS Plus bits. It has 3 modes. Rotary, Rotary Hammer, and Hammer only. The motor is rated at 850 watts with 26mm of drilling capacity in concrete. This drill has a beautiful color combination too compared to other drills. This machine resembles a copy of the Bosch GBH 2-26 model. Parts availability is not at all an issue. There are other brands too which make drills similar to this which are discussed below. Overall a good choice for DIY users under 3500₹.

Dewalt D25133K

For those who want a branded machine but can’t stretch the budget for the Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE, the Dewalt D25133K will suit them best. Since this product is made in India, the price is quite reasonable. The Dewalt always has rugged build quality. Almost equivalent specs as that of Bosch except the Dewalt has more RPM among all Rotary Hammers. Parts availability is not an issue due to its localized production. Dewalt designs its products in its own language, unique compared with others. Overall this will suit the best for Professionals and DIYers.

Aimex DT-226 26mm

For those who don’t wish to invest a lot but still prefer a good machine, this machine will suit the most. Similar to the Foster FGD 2-26, the Tuf Turtle ST-507 and the Aimex DT-226 have similar specifications. To be more specific, all these drills named here are the 99% copy of the Bosch GBH 2-26 DRE. Most of the parts used in both Bosch and Others are similar. And hence, finding parts would never be an issue. The Power Tool market in India has many such models in different Brand names. Some Brands maintain a website and some don’t. Some just Private Label their products and sell them. Links to such Brands are mentioned below. Currently in India, all the models under 900 watts are priced around 3000-3200₹. Considering the price, these Drilling Machines are really worth buying. If maintained, will last longer. 3 Drill Bits and 2 Chipping Chisels are already included in this package.

iBell RH28-101

For those who need a Chipping Hammer which also works as Hammer Drill, this is the machine to buy. This doesn’t mean the above-listed machines are less capable. But this iBell RH 28-101 is heavier among all the low-cost Rotary Hammers. This machine weighs 4.85 kgs and produces hammer energy of 5 joules. While the rest weigh about 2.5 kgs and generate 3 joules of energy which might be insufficient for professionals. But there are some drawbacks to this machine. It rotates only in a clockwise direction. And this machine has only 2 modes, i,e there is no Normal Drill function to drill metal. The motor is rated at 1000 watts and has the capacity to drill up to 28mm holes through concrete. There is a separate Grease filling cap on the top similar to Demolition Hammers. This will increase the life of the machine. An alternative for this machine is the Stanley STHR272KS which also comes under the same price range. But before you buy, please confirm if parts are available in the local market. Overall a good choice for Professionals more intended towards chipping than drilling.

Aimex DT-220

For those who need the cheapest Hammer Drill and never bother about chipping function, this is the machine to buy. The motor is rated at 800 watts. Capacity is mentioned as 20mm. A motor of this size can drill up to 26mm though. This machine rotates clockwise only. 3 Drill bits are included in the package. A substitute for this machine from Bosch is the GBH 200 which is quite expensive but justifies the price. There are other brands too which make machines similar to the Aimex DT-220 which are listed below.

Aegon AHD201

This machine has a build quality similar to Aimex DT-220. The price range is similar too. It has a capacity to drill up to 20mm in concrete with 850 watts power rating. Its users choice to choose between them. They all come with 3 free drill bits. In all the 20mm and 26mm drill machines, the bits which arrive free are just provided as complementary and not for any professional purpose. Their quality is too low and it’s better to purchase good quality drill bits.

1. This List will be updated regularly depending on the market changes.

2. There may be other brands that didn’t make up this list, doesn’t mean they are not worth it. Most of them even don’t post proper specifications on their websites.

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