Best Drills and Drill Tool Kits in India

Generally, if a Drilling Machine is bought in Kit, it will be more Value for Money than buying it individually. Drill Kit purchase provides some extra tools like drill bits, some Screwdriver Bits, some Hand Tools. Below is a list of such best Tool Kits you can buy on Amazon. This page will be regularly updated according to the market changes.

By the way there are many types of Drills. Rotary, Impact, Hammer & Cordless. If you are buying drills for the very first time and confused about which one to go for, that actually depends on your job, I have a separate article on Drilling Machine Buying Guide.

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iBell IBL TD13-100 650W Drill Kit

One of the best DIY Starter Tool Kit. It has almost every accessory that a Drill Machine needs. The key-point of this Tool Kit is that the Drill provided is the only powerful ‘Impact drill’ that you can buy in India. You get a 650W motor. Rest have motors which are <550 watts.

Also, this is the only corded Drill with a Keyless chuck. Buying these tools individually will at least cost you 1500₹ more. Overall good choice to buy considering the Price.

Izom ATC 1001 500W Drill Kit

Designed similar to Bosch models, one of the cheapest Drill kits you can buy. The drilling machine provided here is rated for 500 watts. Quality is also reasonable. If you are beginner and your budget is low, you can surely consider this. Buying the Kit contents individually can cost you at least 1000₹ more.

This kit has everything to help you get started, except a Flexible shaft. Considering the Price, this kit is Value for Money.

Stanley SDH600KV 600W Drill kit

One of the premium Drilling machine you can buy. Comes from a renowned Brand, Stanley. Quality of the tools is great.
You get 1 extra Bag, along with a Hard Case. The motor provided is rated at 600 watts. If you buy the contents individually it will cost you at least 1200₹ more. The kit doesn’t contain everything to get you started. Considering the Price, the kit is Value for Money.

JK SuperDrive 550W Drill Kit

JK, one of the oldest Hand Tool manufacturer in India, recently stepped in to Power Tool market. You receive the package almost similar to contents and price of iBell Drill Kit.
The drill is rated for 550 watts which is more than sufficient for all types of Home DIY and Woodworking needs. Considering the price which it is sold in the market, if it’s contents are bought individually, it will cost you 800₹ more money. Overall a good machine to go for.

Sometimes you may consider to buy just a Machine first for some reasons without any accessories. Below we have listed some of the Best Drilling Machines in India, without any accessory or carry case.

Golden Bullet HI93 600W

One of the Cheap and best Impact Drill Machine money can buy. The motor is rated at 600 watts, which is more than sufficient for DIYers. The Impact function engage switch has a unique deign as well. The chuck size is 13mm. Best suits for all types of Wood and Metal work including some Home DIY concrete work.

The brand Golden Bullet also markets Power Tool accessories like Angle Grinder discs and its attachments in India since many years. So, not a new name.

Black+Decker KR554RE 550W 

Also one of the best one in Indian Market. Comes from a premium US Brand Black+Decker. This machine is worth the price. You get a strong 550 watt motor coupled with a 13mm chuck.

The drill has a good build quality, widely sold in India. This drill can be used for all types of Wood, Metal and minor Concrete works under 10mm. Overall a good choice to buy.

Cheston 10mm Basic 350W Drill

If you are a Woodworker and need a drill only for Wood, you can get this under 800₹. The only drawback here is that this drill has no Reverse function. Hence you cannot remove screws after they are driven.

There are many brands in India which make similar kind of machines. So, please don’t expect a premium build quality though. If you are concerned about build quality, you can buy any drills on the top of this list.

Below is a Hindi Review of the Bosch GSB550 Impact drill machine. If you want to know more about drilling machines, you can also watch the below video on Drill Machine Buying Guide in Hindi

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