Best Cordless Drill Machines in India

Today the DIY culture is more and more popular in India, people trying to fix things themselves. It might be in the Woodworking field, Metalworking or Crafts, at some point it becomes a necessity to drill holes. There are options here. One can go for Wired or Battery operated. The choice depends on the user’s work profile. If you are buying drills for the first time, I suggest you to go through the article on Drilling Machine Buying Guide once.

Here we have listed most popular and our Value for Money choice of Cordless Drills in India. There are many Brands which are on sale either Online or Offline. Our choice includes only those which have a good serviceability and not being expensive for the price paid. For the complete list of Cordless Drills please Click Here. Below list will be updated regularly depending on market changes.

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Bosch GSR/ GSB 120Li

Bosch 06019G80F1 GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver, 12V Single Battery

The Cheapest Branded Drill you can buy is the Bosch GSR120Li. This machine is based on the 12V platform. Most of the entry level Cordless Drill motors generate up to 28Nm of toque which is adequate for Driving Screws and minor drilling in Steel. Drilling wood has no issues at all. If you need to drill concrete and looking for a Cordless Drill, you need to look at the other version of this machine, the Bosch GSB 120Li. It has a hammer function to assist drill through concrete. You can buy the GSR in 2 variants. One with Single Battery and the other with Double Battery. You get a carry case along with this machine. Quality is top notch as always. And this machine always stands first in our list due to its VFM factor.
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Product Links to,
Bosch GSR 120Li Single Battery, Double Battery
Bosch GSB 120Li Double Battery

iBELL BM18-60

iBELL BM18-60 20V Brushless Impact Driver Drill (Cordless) with 2 Batteries, Charger, Case and Screw Driver Bit - 1 Year Warranty.

iBell is well known brand in the Indian market in recent years. Most of their tools are offered to the customer at lower costs. Most of their products are serviceable. This is the only reason the Brand became popular.

Regarding the BM18-60, it is the only model in India to provide a Brushless Motor under 7000Rs. This machine runs on 20V platform. 35Nm of Torque is enough for most drilling DIY applications. Also, this machine is the cheapest among all the Hammer Drilling Machines in India. The machine arrives with two 1.5A Batteries. Here since the voltage is 20, technically it has more Watt-hour than a 12V, 2A Battery. Similar to the Bosch GSB120 Li, this also has Two Speed gear box. High Speed for Drilling and Lower Speed with increased torque for Screw Driving. Overall, a Totally VFM Product to buy. This will always be our second choice. Or, may be first, if you are OK with the Brand.

Product Link:

Bosch GSB 180Li

Bosch GSB 180-LI 18V Cordless Impact Drill

Only machine in India to offer 54Nm Torqued Motor under 12000Rs. The Bosch GSB 180 Li is also a most popular model among professional DIYers. This machine runs on a 18 volt Line up which provides more Watt-hours. You can use any Bosch 18V Battery with any Bosch 18V tool. The chuck supports up to 13mm bit unlike all the other cheaper machines in India. Drilling Capacity is superior compared to the Bosch 12V Series. This machine is a GSB Model. In the sense, it has hammer function to drill through concrete. Similar to its 12V model, it also has a 2 Speed Gearbox. Overall, if you are considering an upgrade for the GSR120Li, this would probably be your choice.

Product Link:

Makita HP331DWYE

MAKITA Hp331Dwye 12V Cordless Hammer/Impact Driver Drill

This is an entry level model from Makita, a well known Japanese Brand. Similar to the Bosch GSB120Li, this machine also runs on 12V platform. The torque produced is 28Nm. There are two variants of this machine. One with Hammer function (HP331DWYE) and the other without (DF331DWYE). You get Two batteries of 1.5A capacities each. The only drawback of this product is that it is little expensive over the Bosch. But considering the Design and Brand Value, this made up to this list. Choice is yours.

Product Link:

Turtle, BAW, XtraPower, JPT

iBELL Cordless Drill Driver CD12-74, 12-Volts,1 Battery+BMC Box + Extra 32 Accesories

Expensive is not always the best. There are cheaper options too. There are brands like the Tuf Turtle, BAW, JPT, XtraPower, Foster which make good quality tools at a considerably lower price. All these machines have a similar design architecture. They run on 12V systems. Frankly speaking, almost similar to Bosch GSR120Li Series. The manufacturers sell them with Dual Batteries of 1.3A capacities each along with carry case like all other brands. Since these brands provide machines at comparatively lower cost, they may lack fit and finish. Below is Product Links of such brands. Some are premium among this list.

Cheston Single Speed:
Cheston 2 Speed:
iBELL CD 12-74:
Foster FCD 12V-Li:

1. Voltage is also an Important factor of Cordless Power Tools. More the Voltage, better is its working capacity.
2. Capacity of the Battery is measured in Watt-hours, a product of voltage and amperage.
3. All machines listed above have Lithium Ion Batteries and we have excluded models with Ni-Cd batteries.
4. All Drills listed here operate on key-less Chucks only.

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