Best Bench Grinders in India 2022

Here we have listed the most popular Bench Grinders among DIYers. All these run at 220 volts Single Phase supply. If you are buying Bench Grinder for the first time, I would suggest you go through this article on Bench Grinder Buying Guide.

The below list is sorted according to what we feel to be value for money. And if you are planning to buy a Bench Grinder, not for frequent use, then you should also have a look at Straight Grinders. Their construction is similar to Angle Grinders, which is simple. Moreover, they cost less and are portable. They are available in sizes of 5 inches and 6 inches. Below is our list of Best Bench Grinders in India. This list will be regularly updated based on market changes.

Note: Below listed Bench Grinders are most suited for Home DIY/ Personal Garage usage. Alternatively, you can also look at Indian-made Bench Grinders too. They are designed for Heavy Duty usage. Most of the Grinders produced work on 3 Phase Electricity. There are Single Phase grinders too. My personal suggestion, if you are a professional working on a commercial workshop, go with 3 phase locally made machines. A popular brand among such Bench Grinders is Rajlaxmi.

An average Bench Grinder must have a 350-watt motor. 250 watts is just an entry-level motor. If your job is to sharpen knives and scissors, this will be sufficient. Not recommended for professional use. The only difference between low power and the high powered motor is that low power ones won’t let you push hard on the stone (wheel). If overloaded, it will stop. The key to grinding is to let the motor spin at its full RPM and not push hard on the wheels.

Ferm BGM1020

The Ferm BGM1020 is a premium budget-friendly Bench Grinder. It supports a 6-inch disc. The motor is rated at 250 watts which is absolutely fine for most light jobs. This model is also very popular in overseas markets too. This is the cheapest 250-watt grinder with reliability and quality. The machine weighs only 8.5 kgs. Lesser weight machines tend to move while in running condition. The easy solution is to mount it on the work table. Some prefer lightweight machines for portability. Overall a good machine for home and garage use for light-duty purposes.

Stanley STGB3715

The Stanley STGB3715 is the most value-for-money Bench Grinder. The main reason is its Price which will be generally under 4000₹. Considering a 1/2 HP motor, it would be the best choice for DIYers. It is reliable like Bosch and Makita. This model has a construction similar to Dewalt ones. Other Bench Grinders in this price range are either expensive or have a small motor that is less than 1/2 HP. This model is selling quite well across the world.

Bosch GBG 35-15

The Bosch GBH 35-15 is one of the best mid-ranged Bench Grinder. It also has a 1/2 HP motor. All Bosch products have sturdy construction. It has service centers widespread across the country. But still, there is no much much maintenance to be expected from Bench Grinders. This machine weighs about 10 kgs, 1.5 kgs more than the Stanley STGB3715. If you need a reliable Bench Grinder for DIY use, this would be the best choice. This model is also sold as GBG6 in other countries.

Makita GB602

If you need a very compact, silent, and reliable grinder, the Makita GB602 is the machine to go for. The design and build quality are great. This model is very popular in foreign markets. The only drawback is its Price. Considering the motor which is 250 watts the machine must be priced below 7000₹. Just like other branded machines, you get the basic safety glass and guard.

Bosch GBG 60-20

If you are not happy with the 373-watt motor and need some more power, the Bosch GBG 60-20 is definitely the machine you are looking for. This is the elder brother of the GBG 35-15, having the same design except its motor size. As mentioned, this machine supports a wheel size up to 8 inches. Technically, 8 inches is the size of the safety housing. The GBG 60-20 weighs about 17 kgs which is enough to tackle any vibrations and is a reliable choice for professionals and DIYers. This model is also called GBG8 in foreign markets.

Dewalt DW752R

The Dewalt DW752R is also the most popular Bench Grinder around the world. The Stanley STGB3715 and the Dewalt DW752R have similar construction. Both visually look the same. Both these have a Cast Iron base. If you are looking for a Dewalt Branded and reliable Grinder, this would be a good choice. Since both the Stanley and Dewalt are similar, you can select between the two.

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