Best Air Blowers in India For 2020

When It Comes to Blowers, the decision is really simple. Why? No complicated setup. Since there is only a brushed motor with a small propeller. People use blowers for the following purposes. Blowing air for PC, vacuum cleaning keyboards, Car Interiors, Wood Shop, Blacksmithing and some outdoor usage to blow off leaves during Autumn. In this article, we help you choose the best air blowers for your needs.

If you use blower for woodworking shop, PC Cleaning, blowing leaves then go with a High power Blower. If you are someone using it for Blacksmithing, then you don’t really need a high wattage model. Whichever you own, does the job. Go with the lowest wattage as possible.

Also, If you are looking for a variable speed setup for your blower, please read this Article on Controlling  Speed of Power Tools using SCR.

Note: This List is sorted according to what we consider as VFM (Value For Money). You can still manually sort the table below as per your preference. Most blowers can also be used as vacuum cleaners just by shifting the pipe to inlet port. But they don’t create enough pressure for the job. Every job has its own needs of Air flow requirements.

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FERM EBM1003 Variable Speed

Ferm EBM 1003 Specs

This is the most VFM product recommended. It is powerful enough with 400 watts. Most importantly it has variable speed function. This is the only product which costs very less among others with its multi speed function.

You do receive a dust bag too. This is the only blower which consumes low power but produces air volume up to 3000 liters/min.

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DeWalt DWB800

Dewalt DWB 800 Specs

This model has all what is needed. It has reliability, power, highest blowing capacity in its price range. It also has variable speed option. Your investment never goes wrong with this product. The Fit and Finish levels, quality justify its price making it one of the best VFM products in the market.

The Blower comes with Dust Bag. 2 years of warranty is being provided for peace of mind. For its power rated, it can pump out 4500 liters of air per minute and has a vacuum suction capacity of 2500 liters/min of air.

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Black + Decker BDB530 Single Speed

Black and Decker BDB530 Specs

Looks funky with its orange color, the Black and Decker BDB530 is a reliable workhorse. The pipe quality is good. Plastic quality is also great. Finishing is proper. Good brand and worth the price. But there is no Variable speed. This model produces air volume up to 3500 litres/min. Before you proceed with this, please make sure you get its brushes in your locality.

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Stanley STPT600 Variable Speed Blower

Stanley STPT 600 Specs

The Stanley 600 watt blower will be a good choice to buy among DIYers. It has variable speed function. Looks eye catchy with its Yellow color. The parts used are of good quality. Very reliable. Has service centers across the country. This model produces air volume up to 3500 liters/min

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Bosch GBL 620

Bosch GBL 620 Specs

Comes from a Brand which is a word of mouth. Widely used by professionals. Has always been loyal to its customers. The Quality of this blower is great. There is no Variable speed function in this model. This model produces air volume up to 3500 liters/min.

Budget Blowers

Now comes the low cost Blowers. These will be best suited for those who use their blowers very occasionally. These blowers have a build quality reasonable to their price. Except from Fit and Finish, these models perform their job well. Users may have to struggle when it comes to warranty. Below are the best Low Cost Blowers under 1000₹, found to be better performers. Specs may not be trusted though.

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Jakmister Cheston Blower Specs

Buy Links: Jakmister 700W | Cheston 600W

Note: Above list will be updated frequently.

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