Best 5 Inch Angle Grinders in India 2022

Here we have listed the best Value for Money 5 inch Angle Grinders in India. If you are confused about whether to go for a 5 inch or a 4 inch Angle Grinder, I suggest you read this article first on 4 inch vs 5 inch Angle Grinders in India. For our best selection of 4 inch Angle Grinders please visit this page on The Best 4 inch Angle grinders in India for 2020. All the machines listed below run on 220 volts only. Below are our 6 Best selections.

Note: If you are looking for a Variable Speed Grinder, you must also have a look at this article where you can control speed of any power tool with SCR without investing in a Variable Speed Grinder.

Dongcheng DSM02125B

This grinder will cost around 2500-2800₹. Manufacturers like DCA ASM02125B, Josch, Dongcheng DSM02125B, Hitachi G15SA2 (now discontinued), DCK-Yuri KSM02-125B, Xtra Power XPT 407, Turtle ST 351, Trumax and many other Indian Brands who manufacture and Private Label the same above product. DCA and DongCheng are Chinese Brands that just sell their products in India.
The above-mentioned model is rated for 1200 watts. The motor power is enough to tackle any job. That big motor comes with increased weight. You need both hands to operate. Too many vibrations. If the grinder is used continuously for a long time and then stopped, your hands will be still in vibration mode for about a minute. Handling this grinder is easy, you get 3 handle positions. Brushes have an easy external replacement. The Grinder housing is very strong than any other small type 5 inch Angle Grinders in India. Overall, worth the price paid.

Makita M9511B

This 4 inch Makita 9513B model with 850-watt motor is very popular in the offline market along with the 9512B model which is having a smaller 720-watt motor. If you want a premium quality 5 inch Angle Grinder which you can operate single hand, this Makita M9511B is the one that I recommend. There are no other grinders that match the same specifications, (except one Hikoki mode in the offline market) for the price, switch position, and power rating. The machine is rated at 850 watts with a slider switch. Other premium brands provide toggle switch in this price range. The machine also weighs about 1.8 kgs which makes users’ hands stress-free. Overall you get the benefit of a small size machine with a larger disc.

Bosch GWS 6-125

If you are searching for the cheapest 5 inch Angle Grinder from Bosch, this is it. This Grinder is 90% similar to the construction of the GWS600, which we discussed earlier. Almost everything is the same except the spindle and the safety guard. The Spindle is M14 which is standard on any 5 inch Angle Grinder. The Guard is larger as it should support a 5-inch disc. I personally won’t suggest this to anyone as I feel this one is too underpowered for supporting a 5-inch disc. The motor is rated at 670 watts same as GWS600. Then why did this make it to the list? Just because this is the cheapest entry-level 5-inch grinder from Bosch

Dewalt DWE4115

This grinder can be an alternative choice against the Bosch lineup. The best balance of power to weight ratio. i.e, 950 watt motor under just 1.8 kgs. Most of the Dewalt products have Toggle switches. This model has a thumb-operated Slider switch. The model is also compact, can be operated with a single hand. If you are looking for a reliable choice other than Bosch, this is the one you must be choosing. This Dewalt is Made in India.

Honorable Mentions

The above three grinders are the true copies of the Dongcheng DSM02125B with all the same specifications but different manufacturers. All these are very much cheaper compared with other brands for the same power rating and pricing. I always suggest these if you want to buy a large type 5 inch angle grinder.

Stanley STGS9125

This model is the larger version of the Stanley STGS 9100. Both the models have the same motor and design. Both are Slider switch models. The STGS9125 supports a 5-inch disc with an M14 Spindle. The other is for the 4-inch disc. This is also the cheapest small type 5 inch 900-watt grinder you can buy. Totally worth the price paid. The only drawback is its parts availability. Just make sure that its spares are available in your locality before you go for it.

Bosch GWS 14-125 CI

This is the ultimate beast of all 5-inch grinders. You get everything from power to safety. The price is also worth the product. This grinder has KickBack Protection which stops the rotation of the disc during overload and stops kickback. Most of the Bosch grinders have a rotatable housing where a Left-hand dominant person can easily use the grinder just by rotating the thumb switch position. This powerful motor of 1400 watts is efficiently designed so that it is still compact like the other Bosch models. The Anti-Restart feature prevents the motor from turning ON during unexpected power cuts. This powerful motor also has a smooth start feature to reduce the initial twist when switched ON. Overall a VFM product to buy.

Bosch GWS 9-125S

Like the above Stanley model, this Bosch 900-125 is also the elder sibling of the Bosch 900-100 model. Both these Bosch have the same motor and design. 900-watt motor is sufficient for most of the masonry and metalworking jobs. This model also has another variant with Restart Protection sold as Bosch GWS 900-125 S. This model should be selling at a lower cost than the GWS 14-125 CI. Overall “OK” for the price.

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