Best 4 Inch Angle Grinders in India 2022

Here we have compiled a list of the most popular and the most VFM choice Angle Grinders for DIYers in India. This list contains only 4-inch Models. If you are buying Angle Grinder for the first time and confused with 4 inches or 5 inches, I would suggest you read this article on Angle Grinder Buying Guide. All the machines listed below run on Single Phase 220 volts only.

Note: If you are looking for a Variable Speed Grinder, you must also have a look at this article where you can control speed of any power tool with SCR without investing in a Variable Speed Grinder.

Bosch GWS 600

The most popular and widely sold Angle Grinder in India, the Bosch GWS 600 is the first and the best choice for DIYers. The main reason it is so valuable for money is its price and the quality. Bosch, a well-known Power Tools manufacturer never compromises quality. The machine is small, very lightweight, and easy to handle single hand. This is what most people need for DIY work. 670 watts is enough for most jobs. But for masonry and woodworking, you need to look for a strong motor. The quality provided is reasonable for the price charged.

If you are just starting out with cutting something, I highly recommend you to buy this Bosch GWS600 as your first Angle Grinder. The machine has a very good build quality. It is very compact, easy to handle single hand. If you are worried about its service and parts availability, trust me, I have been using this for 4 years now. Not a single breakdown except regular replacement of brushes. I have also posted a review video of this machine which you can watch below. Remember to Like and Subscribe to my channel.

Aegon AG100PA

This is one of the cheapest machines you can buy. You already know the price now. This machine has also been reviewed on our YouTube channel. This machine is the Chinese copy of the older version of the Dewalt 801 model. The material used to build this is of great quality. The handle, the guard are also rugged too. This machine comes with a rear switch as this is the reason the product is priced cheaper. I have been using this for 1.5 years now. No problems faced yet.

Makita M9513B

This 4 inch Makita 9513B model with 850-watt motor is very popular in the offline market along with the 9512B model which is having a smaller 720-watt motor. Both models are sold widely. The build quality is great and reliable. The switch is Toggle type and not the Slider type. The price at which it is sold is considered as Value for Money.

Dewalt DW801

The Dewalt 801 model is one of the popular Angle Grinders in the market just like the Bosch GWS600. There are ‘n’ number of Chinese brands that have copied the 801 model in the past couple of years. In 2018, Dewalt decided to rebuild the design of the 801 and 810 models. Now the machines sold under Dewalt 801 brand all have the latest designs and are proudly made in India too. Dewalt still continued the same old 850-watt motor which is great, but the switch is still positioned on the rear side of the machine just like older models. The switch position is a personal preference though. Overall purchasing this model will be still considered as value for money.

If you want the same grinder with a slide switch, you should consider buying the Dewalt DW802 model. It is obviously priced quite higher as the manufacturing cost for slide switch models is always high.

Bosch GWS 750-100

This is the upgraded version of the GWS 600. This machine has a 750-watt motor. Suitable for single-hand use due to its compact size. This machine also weighs less. Other than metalworking, jobs like DIY Wall Chasing (masonry) and Tile Cutting can also be done easily. The Bosch GWS 750-100 has great build quality. Another version with Variable Speed feature, Soft Start and Restart Protection is also available in the market sold as Bosch GWS 750-100S. If you are a professional masonry worker, you should look for a more powerful machine than this. For metalwork, this works great.

Hikoki/ Hitachi PDA100M

The Hitachi PDA100M has been in the market for a very long time. This machine is more popular in the industries than from local workshops. It has a heavy-duty build quality. Parts availability may not be a problem in prime locations. This machine is quite expensive considering its motor power, but its Build Quality justifies the price.

Black+Decker G720R

The Black&Decker G720R is the only cheapest Angle Grinder with an 820-watt motor which comes with Slide Switch feature. This machine is also compact, can be controlled with a single hand, only if you have large hands. This is the only 4-inch grinder, with a compact design to have 3 position handle. Before you get this make sure that its spare parts are available in nearby localities. If you use Angle Grinders for other DIY Builds like, Belt Sander, Mini Chop Saw, etc, this might be a good choice as you get 3 mounting holes (M8) in its gear housing. The Switch and its body are built with robust quality.

iBELL AG10-92

The iBELL AG10-92 comes with an 850-watt motor. Just like the Black+Decker, this is also one of the cheapest and reliable Angle Grinders to buy. The reason for this machine to be reliable is due to its availability of parts. This model has a slider switch which is the most preferred switch type in India. The same motor also comes with a Toggle Switch which is being marketed as AG10-70 which is quite cheaper than this model. Overall this machine is totally worth the price paid.

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