Best 14 inch Chop Saws in India

This is our best selection of Chop Saws in India. If you are buying Chop Saws for the first time, I would suggest you to go through the article on Chop Saw Buying Guide. Not everyone needs a Chop Saw. If you are a professional wood worker or work with Aluminium, you should be buying Miter Saw instead of Cut-Off Saw. Chop Saws give only straight cuts in perpendicular or miter (45°) and angles in between them. This is also a time consuming task. Here you need to adjust the Clamp Vice for desired angle. In Miter Saw and Compound Saw, it is very easy to cut almost any desired angle. The below list contains Chop Saws for metal working which we consider most value for money.

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Bosch GCO 220

Bosch 0601B373F0-GCO220 2200-Watt 14-inch Chop Saw Machine (Blue)
Bosch GCO220 specifications
Best Chop Saw in India

When it comes to Chop Saw, this Bosch GCO 220 is our first preference. Totally value for money. You get a strong 2200 watt motor, Shaft lock instead of Chain lock. This has a Vertical Handle that can be a downside to some users. Bosch Quality is just great. This is also one of the most selling Cut-off saw in India. So, finding spare may not be a problem. Overall a good choice to buy, specifically to those who prefer Vertical Handle type Chop Saws.

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Hikoki CC14STD

HiKOKI CC14STD 14 inch 2200-Watt Cut-Off Machine, Green

For those who prefer Horizontal Handle Chop Saws and need a best value for money machine, this is the model to buy. The Hitachi/Hikoki CC14STD houses a 2200 watt motor which is a standard wattage for most of the 14 inch Chop Saws in India. Also, this model is also very popular in India and has sold a lot before when the Brand was called Hitachi. So, parts availability will never be a problem. This also weights 2 kgs heavier than the Bosch GCO220 making it more stable against vibrations. If you need Soft Start in this machine, you need to buy the other version of this machine, the Hikoki CC14STDU

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Aegon ACM14

AEGON Acm14 14-Inch 2200-Watt 355mm Chop Saw Machine with Locking Chain for Cutting Metal, Steel Pipe, Tmt, Rebars, PVC Channels and Angles (2200 W, 3800 Rpm, 355 Mm)

If you need a Chop Saw at lowest price and you are ready to compromise on its exterior looks, then this Aegon ACM14 is for you. This machine will cost you less than 6000 INR. This machine has everything that a general purpose chop saw has. So, there won’t be any problems using it. This model has vertical handle which makes it simplistic and reduces cost. Totally value for money.

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Dewalt D28730

DEWALT D28730 2300W 355 mm (14 inch) Heavy Duty Chop Saw with wheel included

This model is also a very popular model among metal workers. You get a very strong motor rated at 2300 watts. This product is Made in India. Looks unique, anyone can just identify it as Dewalt from any angle. Build quality is also very good. Those who prefer Dewalt and are comfortable with Horizontal handle must go for this. Parts are also available in local market. Overall a reliable machine to buy.

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Bosch GCO 14-24

Bosch GCO 14-24 Professional Metal Cut-off Saw (ChopSaw) 2400 watts

The most powerful of all Universal motor Chop Saws in India is the Bosch GCO 14-24. 2400 watts of power is enough to speed up the job. This machine is constructed similar to the GCO2200 except the base of the vice is also body colored. Weighing 2 kgs more than GCO2200, the Bosch GCO 2400 is almost vibration free at 17 kgs. The only drawback from this motor is the noise it makes. Its obvious that, more the wattage, more the noise. This machine is most suited for professional use than for DIYers. There is one more variant of this machine with Soft Start feature sold as GCO 14-24J.

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Makita M2401B

Makita M2401B Portable Cut-off 355mm

For those who need a Japanese branded product, the Makita M2401B will be great choice for metal workers. This machine gets a 2000 watt motor. This Chop Saw is the lightest among all and is easily portable. The price is also reasonable under 10000 INR. Makita always makes the best quality of power tools. Overall this would be a good purchase.

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Note: This list will be updated regularly according to the market changes. For complete list click on Chop Saw Specification Comparisons.

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