Angle Grinders Specification Comparison

Here we have compared widely available 220volt 4 inch & 5 inch Angle Grinders. This table can be sorted according to Angle Grinder Size, Power, RPM, Switch Type etc. If you are new to Angle Grinders, and this is your first time here, I would suggest you to first follow with this article on Angle Grinder Buying Guide.

Click this link for Comparison of Large Type Angle Grinders.

1. Soft Start and Restart Protection are available only on top end models. This list can also be sorted whether that feature is required or not.
2. Most of the Angle Grinders with Soft Start feature also have Restart Protection too. Still, it varies from Brand to Brand.
3. 4 inch Angle Grinders have the provision to mount 4 inch wood cutter/ diamond cutter discs with 20mm arbor. This is not possible with 5 inch models. Discs should be purchased separately for 5 inch Angle Grinders.
4. Model Numbers ending with * have Variable Speed option.
5. In Switch Type column, Trigger Type Switch indicates that the Grinder is Large Type Grinder where you need both hands to hold it.
Any Questions, please comment.

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4 inchBoschGWS 600670110001.5SliderNo2Link
4 inchBoschGWS 750-100750110001.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchBoschGWS 900-100900110001.9SliderNo2Link
4 inchBoschGWS 6-100 S710110001.6ToggleNo2Link
5 inchBoschGWS 6-125670110001.9SliderNo2Link
5 inchBoschGWS 900-125900110001.9SliderNo2Link
5 inchBoschGWS 900-125 S900110001.9SliderYes2Link
5 inchBoschGWS 14-125 CI1400110002.2SliderYes2Link
4 inchBlack+DeckerG650 IN650120001.6SliderNo2Link
4 inchBlack+DeckerG720R IN820110001.8SliderNo3Link
4 inchStanleySTGS6100 IN600120001.7Slider(Top)No2Link
4 inchStanleySTGS7100 IN710110001.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchStanleySTGS9100 IN900110002.1SliderNo2Link
5 inchStanleySTGS9125 IN900110002.3SliderNo2Link
4 inchDeWaltDW810750110001.7ToggleNo2Link
4 inchDeWaltDW801850110001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchDeWaltDW802850110001.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchDeWaltDW803 1000120001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchDeWaltDWE8300S1010115001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchDeWaltDWE4115950110001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchDeWaltDWE4119*950110001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchDeWaltDWE42151200110002.2SliderNo2Link
5 inchDeWaltDW8311400100003.1TriggerNo2Link
5 inchDeWaltDWE42351400115002.1SliderNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9512B720110001.6ToggleNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9513B850110001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9506B720110001.6SliderNo2Link
5 inchMakitaM9508B720110001.9SliderNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9509B850110001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchMakitaM9511B850110002.0SliderNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM0900B540120001.6Slider(Top)No2Link
4 inchMakitaM9553B710110001.4ToggleNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9553NB710110001.4SliderNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9556HB840110001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchMakitaM9556NB710110002.0SliderNo2Link
5 inchMakitaM9558HN840110002.1SliderNo2Link
5 inchMakitaM9565CR1400120002.2SliderNo2Link
4 inchMakitaGA403272090001.6ToggleNo2Link
4 inchMakitaGA40401100110002.3SliderNo2Link
5 inchMakitaM9002B1050110002.8TriggerNo2Link
5 inchMakitaGA50101050110002.2TriggerNo2Link
5 inchMakitaGA5040R1100110002.5SliderYes2Link
4 inchHikokiG10SS2600115001.7SliderNo2Link
4 inchHikokiPDA100M715120001.5ToggleNo2Link
4 inchHikokiG10SR4730100001.7SliderNo2Link
4 inchHikokiG13SR4730100001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchHikokiG13SR4730100001.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchHikokiG10SN2900105001.8SliderNo2Link
5 inchHikokiG13SN2900105002.0SliderNo2Link
6 inchHikokiG15SA2120085002.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchiBellAG10-70850110001.6ToggleNo2Link
4 inchiBellAG10-92850110001.7SliderNo2Link
4 inchiBellAG10-721050105001.9ToggleNo2Link
4 inchiBellAG10-50*1020110002.5TriggerNo2Link
4 inchCarigar5S 801 AG850110001.8SliderNo2Link
4 inchJKJKAG100850110001.6ToggleNo2Link
5 inchDongchengDSM02-125B1200100003.0TriggerNo3Link
4 inchDCAASM04-100A560130001.7ToggleNo2Link
5 inchDCAASM02-125B1200100003.0TriggerNo3Link
5 inchTrumaxMX11251200100003.0TriggerNo3Link
5 inchEibenstockEZW 125 1400110003.1TriggerNo2Link
4 inchEibenstockEZW 100750120002.1SliderNo2Link
5 inchXtra PowerXPT4071200100003.0TriggerNo3Link
4 inchXtra PowerXPT403680130001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchXtra PowerXPT405850110001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchXtra PowerXPT406850120001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchXtra PowerXPT408705120001.8ToggleNo2Link
4 inchXtra PowerXPT401710130001.8SliderNo2Link
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2 months ago

Any comments on paddle switch, which is the least expensive 4 inch paddle grinder, no chinese please.