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Hello and Welcome to www.smartDIYer.in The Tool Buyers Guide.

This website is all about mechanical and power tools. There are numerous companies in the market who produce tools in the field of metalworking, woodworking, blacksmithing, civil, electrical etc. Our goal is to compare their specifications, their new features and present to our end viewers.

In our website we share, Tool Buying Guides. Also, we share information which is likely considered to be ‘Must Known’ for our Audience. This may include articles relating to Electrical and Automotive content our viewers may like.

Generally buyers in India have less knowledge on the product itself. The motto of this website is to make the buyer gain sound knowledge on power tools. So they can save time, money and avoid fake goods.

We also share products which we find as better deals to go for. Here consumer can save his time researching and can directly pick up a product with clearly mentioned details about it on our website. Most of the tool manufacturers won’t share the 100% details of their products. We don’t individually share details of the product. We do share its specifications comparing with other power tools. For us, no tool is better than the other. We respect all brands.

Our sorting procedure is not on price or specifications. It’s about what we consider as VFM (Value For Money). We also provide a table in most of our posts where a visitor can sort products according to Rank or Power. If you want us to add something else to our website, please feel free to contact us using the Contact Us tab on the bottom of the page.

Thank You, have a great sparkling day.