4 Inch Vs 5 Inch Angle Grinders

This article will explain each and every difference between the entry level Angle Grinders. Comparison based on handling, ease of use and versatility. If you are the first time buyer, then I would suggest you to follow with this article on Angle Grinder Buying Guide.

In the above mentioned article, I have explained everything to get you started with Angle Grinders. What I missed in that article is what I have mentioned below. If you are from US, you need to focus more on 4.5/5″ discs as they are widely used instead of 4″. For India, 4″ should be more focused. Every market is different.

What I didn’t mention above , is weight of Angle Grinders. More the power rating, more the weight. The power rating mentioned on the grinder spec sheet is its electricity consumption and not its motor output. There are still more things to consider when making your purchase like, switch types, handle positions, etc which I have already mentioned in the above article. If you haven’t read that article yet, please have a look at now, Click this link. Angle Grinder Buying Guide.

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If you want to learn more on the types of discs available for Angle Grinders, please have a look on this article on Angle Grinder Wheel Types. And below is a video in Hindi explaining the above concept.

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